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A day never traveled by
Time used to be linear for us
Where Friday to Monday happened in a blink
Yet people twist their times and split away
Now I'm moving to Monday while they're on Friday
I was able to see them after the weekend
Say "Good morning" and "Goodbye"
Before they stepped into another existence
That I cannot venture, no matter my persistence
When I close my eyes
After many days and one final night
Will I be able to catch up?
Is waiting enough?
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 2 1
You’ve gotten older
You’re feeling strange
Not getting bolder
You re-arrange
Girl, what do you need?
Boy, what do you do?
Laziness seeps
Everything to lose
You’ve changed
It’s time for goodbye
Don’t feel pained
Life’s not a lie
I will always be with you
Within your dreams
In your memories, I’m true
I’ll be part of your seams
Don’t be scared
Don’t miss me
I’ll be there
You can always see
What do you think?
What do you know?
Life’s a short blink
It’s time to go
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 0 0
Crashing down
I just wanted to feel safe
From the horrors of my past
I thought their arms could lift me up
Instead of listening to voices blast
Yet the glass where I smashed my memories
Keep digging into my feet
No matter how hard I tried
Any movement would make me bleed
The crowd changed from smiles to nothing
Faceless beings waltzing behind my eyelids
People who I thought would keep me on the ground
Pushed me further into the abyss
Drowning in a pool of remorse
No lifeguards to pull me away
No more screams come from my thoughts
Only tiny bleeps of a broken song on play
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 4 1
My night with you
Gaze upon the night
Where love and hate have merged
Darkness and light intertwine
Where I am yours and you are mine
Where the stars become our witnesses
Race my heart
Lets make patterns on the earth
Instead of being left in the mists
Add some excitement, add some twists
Because everything seems hopeless
Never forget the home we came from
Where love had abandoned us
Hatred ruled over our seas and skies
Truth was hidden and the people covered in lies
A place shrouded in uncertainty and feigned kisses
That pain can be forgotten for now
Lets just remember the moment
Our minds touched and hearts sync
Because the night will fade when we blink
When the stars become our saviours
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 1 3
Negative structuring
Screaming loud and clear
Negativity surrounds their heads
As voices whisper and tremble
Hatred and disgust fill the air
Yet there was no reason for this to be
It was fear that they resemble
Only a small buildings few stood up
On a battlefield of skyscrapers
Their voices rang and misconceptions disassemble
We have the same problems time and time again
When our fear feeds our anger
Hatred comes out of our breath
It becomes second nature to mentally destroy our fellow man
We struggle to claw ourselves up
Skyscrapers tower over smaller buildings
We start forgetting why we even created them
Some grow tired of working on meaningless foundations
I want to believe
That although our small places tremble
Although hatred and contempt we resemble
Everyone’s hearts can assemble
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 5 2
Story of a song
Show me the sky with pings of a key
Sing to me life with a shout or scream
Everything is spinning with the slam of a surface
Colours are born from the sound of a song
Whisper some breath into a piped symphony
Watch different tones as they move and speak
Destroy sorrows and shatter misconceptions with the bass
Flutter away on the wings of treble
At the end of the rest
Before any crowd yells and cheers
When the beat stops and nothing is heard
Magic is found in every note and every word
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 5 0
Just Bitter
Hard to smile, hard to not.
When I’m broken down
I’m not so tough
I look around me
I’m feeling weak
I’ve never felt so alone
I want to sleep.
I can’t keep running away
But I hear them laugh
No one needs me to stay
I’m sinking down
It’s so dark in this heart
I’m feeling stressed
I’ll be torn apart
I keep screaming
To closed off doors
I keep singing
To hold me on
I’ve been forsaken
Life is a threat
My soul is breaking
This might be the end
I can’t take it
Good bye, my friend
I want to be free
I wish I weren’t who I am
I’m always wrong
Right now, I don’t give a damn
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 5 0
They've never done something
To lose my faith and trust
But when they say "I love you"
I feel like it's a bluff
They try again to prove to me
Love was always there
I looked into their eyes
These words, I couldn't bare
Now I feel like I'm away
Betraying who I am
Their voice have echoed near and far
My mind and heart is damned
Can I continue to love
When doubt clouds my sight
I shall sit here, sulking to myself
While wishing them good night
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 3 3
You can’t keep me
Inside the depths of your memory
Willing your whispers through your lips, please
Yelling your confessions to a door
Love can hurt needlessly
Making people look unsightly
Despair digging into your soul, at least
Everything fell to the floor
For me, there is no home anymore.
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 1 0
No romance for us
No matter what I do
No matter who you see
You will never, ever
Fall in love with me
Don’t bother with my words
Don’t bother with my decree
My dear reader, you will not
Find a way for us to be
Even if I sang to you
Even if I scream
There is no love for us
To ever face and believe
I could give you flowers
I could with the words you read
But you have to remember
This is not a love you need
I must end this now
I must say goodbye
Until we meet next poem
As I let my final word fly
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 2 0
Facial Expressions
Ah, look upon that face
With different types of blush
From crimson rose to ruby red
That cover the cheeks or cover their head
Their hair that changes so rapidly
Cut down by scissors, carefully
Seasons go by for their locks that grow
Shades of dark brown and chestnut, they go
A glance, a look, that’s all I see
He blinks, he shuts so mercilessly
Piercing eyes that could fill with joy
From lustful man to excited boy
His smile, dangerous yet happy and free
His ears, stuck in place so perfectly
Eyebrows never disorderly and unchanging
His face moves when his mood is ranging
“Why are you writing a poem on me?”
I can imagine his voice silently say
It echoes in my thoughts and in my dreams
We are together and this is love, it seems
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 2 3
Ticks between kisses
I wanted to give you a rose
To show my love for you
But I couldn't pick a colour
Among red, white, pink and blue
I wanted to let you know
I wanted to let you see
The way you twirled my timelines
So we were meant to be
You said you had to go
So very far away
Where my reach was futile
Just for a few days
I paced in my clock tower
The ticking steadied its pace
But all I want is freedom
And just to see your face
I wrote you a letter
Buried it in a thought
You danced with me in illusions
But I think of this a lot
There has to be a time
Where everything is stressed
When my heart can beat in rhythm
With my soul that you possess
You’ll return in a whisper
The breath that gives me light
I await the day I can say good morning
Never needing to say good night
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 5 6
Nightmares of deep waters
My words are fading away
Where have they gone?
I feel like I’m sinking into dark water
As I stumble and falter
I can only hold myself together
As I listen to the mind’s screams
Can someone save me from this nightmare?
It’s becoming too heavy a burden to bear
I’m losing myself in the waves
Falling deeper into the depths of everything
It’s hard to breathe with no air
Could someone help? Is someone there?
The skies are turning violent
This world I see is falling apart
The pieces are going to crush me down
In this environment of no words or sound
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 1 0
If my love was formed today
Would love just wait for me?
Who would think to pick this flower?
Do you think I could be a tree?
If my love had gone away
Would they wait for me?
Where the stars touch my hand
Do you think they’d be?
If my love had turned to stone
Would someone wait with me?
When the time had struck midnight
Do you think love can see?
If my love was denied
Would no one wait for me?
Why do I have to be alone?
Do you think that’s free?
If my love had changed at all
Would everyone wait with me?
What can I do to stick around?
Do you think my heart is debris?
If only I knew if someone could wait
Waiting for someone like me
How sweet and warm would my heart turn
Before I melt into the sea
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 4 6
Oh snowy night
When it’s cold outside
He’s all alone
She feels like life is over now
The words he spoke were not allowed
Everything seems impossible
Let the skies be before them
When time is standing still
The whispers of the past
Say they’re just dirt and fairly outclassed
All of them seem overwhelmed
The snow falls silently
He screamed but there’s no sound
She couldn't hear his pleas
When the city is dark and horribly diseased
They are deep asleep
The clock tower disappeared
They’re falling off the edge
Winds are blowing and they’re holding tight
The world is letting them talk for this lonely night
Before they go to bed
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 2 7
Message to the frustrated voices
Scream it all out
Oh, what a lovely sound to hear
Melodies of past loves and broken dreams
With thoughts of endings and beginnings near
Let it all out
The rain will drown out the tears
Memories of childhood negligence and smiles
Hiding from the nightmares and never-ending fears
Feel it all out
Like the world is looking queer
The music is the only thing holding and speaking
Before the dark arises and the path will disappear
Stomp it all out
The beat will make everything clear
Bring out the sunny days of the future and behind
Don’t hold back the light and anything that’s held dear
Sing everything away
:iconcoldamuchan:ColdAmuChan 4 5


Absolutely stunning. The shading on this piece fits San (the girl) quite well. Also, the shine of the eyes makes them seem mysterious y...


Happy Chinese New Year 2017 by Saphirya Happy Chinese New Year 2017 :iconsaphirya:Saphirya 271 15 Happy Lunar New Year - YUNYUN (2017) by twin1992 Happy Lunar New Year - YUNYUN (2017) :icontwin1992:twin1992 240 17 Mukuro Ikusaba by GinosAiden91 Mukuro Ikusaba :iconginosaiden91:GinosAiden91 77 4
Magnus of the Black Horns
Over the years I saw a boy, no more than 5.
Beaten, battered and eaten alive.
Had not a friend and desired his own end.
A poignant situation he attempted to mend.
But failed and he fell.
His soul made of fine porcelain.
On the floor he lay slain.
His spirit broken and shattered.
Too many pieces then were scattered.
God then tried and tried.
But couldn't get the soul to un-splatter.
So he burned it, exhumed, the soul of he who fell.
Endowed it with a flame from the very depths of Hell.
The boy looked in the mirror and noticed a change.
The essence of his soul had begun to rearrange.
I saw that boy grow, twisted and broken.
Grow horns in his reflection.
Grown from the crime of his rejection.
And what I saw then was new.
Now there was a demon in my view.
But unfortunately, the story is not happy.
To your misfortune it's true, his humanity lost.
For now tis no joy, too high was the cost.
When I look into that mirror all I see is that boy.
A face contorted, agonized, barren of joy.
But his
:icondragonkingassanjin:DragonKingAssanjin 4 20
Across the Event Horizon by Tolkyes Across the Event Horizon :icontolkyes:Tolkyes 1,465 142
It's the bottle, not you
It’s the bottle, not you,
That crawls to bed, by my side;
It poisons what you tell me, and makes
Your “I love you”s sound vile.
It's the bottle, not you,
Wasting time with your mates
While I am alone, waiting for you;
Concerned, almost desperate.
It's the bottle, not you…
The smell on your clothes is so intense!
You don’t behave like you love me,
Your reasoning makes no sense.
Then you say I am making things up,
Overreacting, “like I always do.
I could even try and consider your words,
But it’s the bottle, not you.
:iconc-allagash:C-Allagash 7 20
She glides along the horizon
Peeking over the sea
Dear red tailed fox
Aurora, paint the sky for me
Your colors bloom like roses
An abundance to go around
Black as coal, white as snow
All tied, but never earthbound
Your fur fans out in rays
Warming the world below
We never realized your importance
So we mess with your flow
Coal for fuel
We start to build our empire
Snow melts to water, bringing spring
Your hand is in everything we require
So life goes on
As you watch from your den
Carved from pockets of space
You watch us orbit again and again
And you rise each day to greet me
With reds and yellows so beautiful
Your eyes are stars
Wrap me in warmth like usual
:iconsunflowers-and-fur:Sunflowers-And-Fur 7 4
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Bear by YanderePulse  tuffet by Fel-Fisk
Gore galore by Renic-Pai Iris and Gray - All boobs are good boobs by Naughty-Pixels Astolfo pillow case by Red-Romanov
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:iconhisbrokenmarionette:HisBrokenMarionette 7 12
Comm: Rineri by DeadmanJackalope Comm: Rineri :icondeadmanjackalope:DeadmanJackalope 193 11 SYAC - So Shiny by TomPreston SYAC - So Shiny :icontompreston:TomPreston 660 0 Hana by HiroKorikage Hana :iconhirokorikage:HiroKorikage 2 2 Photo Self in Class [Fill] by tranexxx Photo Self in Class [Fill] :icontranexxx:tranexxx 2 2 Lil' Jean Luc Picard by SciFiSmartass Lil' Jean Luc Picard :iconscifismartass:SciFiSmartass 2 2 Shadow'n'light by Kage1988 Shadow'n'light :iconkage1988:Kage1988 2 4 Mother by Falowne Mother :iconfalowne:Falowne 1 2
A Part of the Living
“Sweetie,” He cooed.
“Life is for the living and we have no part in that.”
His hands were ice
And he flinched when he touched me.
“You are warm. So warm.” He said. I shook my head.
“No. I am alive.” He stepped back. No, he stumbled back.
“But, why?”
And then I just said it with no consideration
For how Death would feel
After my betrayal. I, his closest friend.
“Because only you have no part in living.”
Suddenly he couldn’t come near me.
I was too warm for him.
Somebody with no heat.
He was cold.
And crying.
(I was running, running back into Life.)
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 5 7

Sometimes, we make bad calls. It's okay to say "hey, I was wrong and you were right, my bad". We're human, we make mistakes in judgement or in action. It's how we feel after we figure out that we're wrong that shapes our decisions on the matter. Be stubborn or be honest. Or you can sit on the fence of right and wrong, depending on the topic/matter at hand.

I wish we didn't have to throw verbal knives at one another for our opinions.
I just had a civil argument with someone and realized that it could have been a very different outcome if we started belittling one another based on these different sides (by the way, I was in the wrong on that argument).
Don't have to die by your mistakes, friends. Keep it cool.

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Time used to be linear for us
Where Friday to Monday happened in a blink
Yet people twist their times and split away
Now I'm moving to Monday while they're on Friday

I was able to see them after the weekend
Say "Good morning" and "Goodbye"
Before they stepped into another existence
That I cannot venture, no matter my persistence

When I close my eyes
After many days and one final night
Will I be able to catch up?
Is waiting enough?
A day never traveled by
I wrote this for something I saw about suicide. A mother was crying while she was saying that her son told her "I'll see you Sunday". She said she was still waiting for Sunday. 

Written from the perspective of someone who had lost someone over the weekend


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Cassandra Chen
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Hi, I'm ColdAmuChan. Actually, my real name is Cassandra. I would like to think that I try hard but could probably try harder with the right motivation. My beliefs have been distorted ever since I could remember so I am trying to change that as well.

So try reading one of my works and if you would like to read more, that's fine. Maybe you, my good reader, would like to tell me who I am because I certainly don't know all that much.

Please enjoy your day and if we ever cross paths, be sure to give me a proper greeting ^_^

Favourite genre of music: Korean Pop
Personal Quote: "Can I fade into your memories and protect you from there? A place where time is not lost but merely frozen"


Poetry anyone?
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